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Isadora Frost first graduated from PUC Sao Paulo, Brazil, in Performance Art and Dance, in 2009. In 2014, Frost completed a second degree in Fine Arts, with a minor in Photography at The San Francisco Art Institute. She is currently completing her Master in Photography ending in 2018, at Parsons at the New School, NY. In 2013 she was a resident in The Arctic Circle Residency, in 2017 she won a grant to develop her work in Galapagos. Frost has been continually showing her artwork internationally since 2007 in Brazil, San Francisco, New York, New Zealand, Mumbai, Russia and China.

About the Work

Life is a continuous negotiation with the environment. Therefore the human being changes the their surroundings and are transformed by it. Using the body to challenge socially accepted behavior and to negotiate new positions of existence within the world are the two most important aspects of Isadora Frost’s artwork.

These aforementioned concepts are expressed in different medias, mostly photography and video. Artwork with the body and space touches in the core of behavioral relationships within society and the space people inhabit.