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Inward Widening

A full year of pandemic


I chose nature as my escape from the unbearable confinements of quarantine. Surrounded by it I could think clearly for the first time. The complete isolation of nature made me grow inward in a disproportional scale, which in that setting was a gift. My whole world became my body and the land surrounding it. I made cocoons out of fabric and hung them on trees. Inside the fabric I would explore the limits of my internal space intertwined with nature. Economic needs made me come back to the city and my new vulnerability became a liability. To continue using this concept I discovered the reachable nature within the city and worked with my nostalgia of being inside nature. I also worked with urban elements around me, hanging the fabric in unnatural places or planted nature surrounded by cityscape. The different seasons indicate one entire year of the world’s pandemic, with different locations and fabrics to display the change happening inside and outside of me.

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