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Afflicted Lands

Brazilian forests are in serious danger. I’m using photographs that I made in those lands and altering them. I use bleach to physically erase part of those photographs to show the decimation of this land and its people but leaving part of the image affirming their resistance and survival even in this harsh situation. This project has the intention to raise awareness about the current situation of Brazil and how those circumstances directly affect climate change.

            Since 2019, fires have been eradicating Brazilian forests. In addition, the communities that live in those forests are facing real threats to their survival, including: illegal sale of indigenous lands, environmental damage from gold mining, farm building, among others. That results in entire civilizations, languages and cultures becoming extinct.

            The destruction of the forest and its civilization happen together. Indigenous communities protect the forest and use it consciously. It is in their interest to maintain the forest since they live off the resources it provides, for example, food, medicine and shelter. Taking those lands from indigenous hands, who protect the forest, is a crime against the world's environment.

            I’m a NYC based Brazilian artist. Most of my photographic work was taken in lands of current conflict in Brazil. With an intentional thought of decolonization, instead of taking straight photographs the land, I would ask the community to direct my body in their land. I’m erasing this photograph with bleach to mimic the current deforesting and the whitening of those lands. The project talks about a land important for the whole world, that is being destroyed together with the people living in it.

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