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Fit to TV


An ideal form of femininity has always been always in some way broadcasted. Since the beginning of representational images, there is a femininity ideal embedded on it. Television was a very important tool to make this ideal become a norm. Television is watched inside the home on a daily basis. Today, the media may be different, and the standard may have changed, but there is always an ideal of femininity to be followed. In this work, I physically explore the idea of having to fit in a media standard of femininity. I use an actual television, that is clearly not a fit to my body, and try to insert my body inside of it. With every failed attempt, I add another femininity tool before trying it again. I start in my own street clothes and add makeup, heels, tight clothes, as a way to get inside the television. The innumerous attempts explore the guilt and self-loathing that women feel when they are unable to fit the standard. The piece also states how most women experience the world comparing themselves with this impossible standard that becomes the norm of how the feminine should be presented.

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